Our Values

This page captures the beliefs, values and commitments intechNT makes to you and between members of the team.

Mission: Integrating today’s technology to create a better tomorrow.

Vision: To Develop and grow intechNT by supporting our customers and clients as strategic business partners.

intechNT will achieve this by:

  • Listening to the technical and personal requirements our clients,
  • Discussing possible options,
  • Determining suitable solutions,
  • Discussing the scope of work,
  • Determining a timeframe,
  • Establishing a price,
  • Performing the work,
  • Keeping the client informed,
  • Completing the agreed work,
  • Reviewing the work with the client and
  • Settling the account.

intechNT  is dedicated to achieving the best possible solutions and outcomes for our customers, clients and business partners.

intechNT knows that our customers count on getting it done right the first time.

That’s why intechNT ensures that we’re delivering consistent, friendly, trustworthy, high quality, professional and reliable service every step of the way.

The intechNT Key Principles

intechNT subscribe to a set of principles that provide the foundation, framework and culture on which we based and continue build and grow our business.

Our Key Principles state what we value, what is important to us and how we act.  Not just today or tomorrow but everyday.

These principles encourage, develop and maintain: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Humour and the understanding that our principles guide our intentions, actions and behaviors, which create opportunities and develop success.


Teamwork is essential to our business. We welcome all new business opportunities and treat the people we deal with as inclusive team members.  We include all of our clients, customers, suppliers and business partners because working as a team enriches our business experience.

We work selflessly: working together creates leverage to achieve the best outcomes, not for ourselves alone.  It creates and environment where we can share and learn for everyone’s experiences. We take pride in our business and rely on one another and understand that each party has a part to play in each other’s success.

We recognise our accomplishments and reward our success. We accept failure and are gracious in our defeats and learn from the experience.

We speak out if our business is threatened by inappropriate words or actions.


Mutual respect forms the basis of our business.  We hold our business in high esteem, its values and earn the respect of others in the way we behave and conduct our daily business.

We respect and value our customers, clients and business partners and we respect our competitors and treat all with consideration.


Integrity at intechNT means adherence to moral and ethical behaviors’ and actions.

Doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances and having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be.

We will be accountable for our business decisions and actions and check that we do is what we said we would do.

We pride ourselves on our competence and our ability to do a great job, first time, every time.

We aim to be fair, reliable, honest and trustworthy in every element of our business.

intechNT are planning for the long term and growing our business is important to us. We understand that building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose.

So at intechNT we are focused on delivering quality results and supporting you and your business for years to come.


intechNT  is proud of its beginnings: from idea, to concept, to goals, to action.

Motivation, Determination, Hard Work and a passionate Enthusiasm to build intechNT from the ground up is key to our cycle of continuous improvement and being the best we can.

Enthusiasm is a contagious motivator, it is the exciting “Can Do” attitude that takes us beyond our comfort zone to tackle and embrace the challenging tasks and make them interesting and fun.

It allows us to travel into the unknown, utilizing the creativity and strengths of our individuals and team to innovate, develop and improve everything we do.

At intechNT we thrive on change, we encourage innovation and embrace new opportunities.  We are passionate about delivering custom solutions specifically designed to satisfy your requirements.


The founder, owner, of intechNT  knows what it’s like to have prolonged case of the “Black Dog”.

Tasteful Humor is a powerful Motivator and Morale booster.  Juggling personal goals, family commitments and work demands has never been more challenging.  Humor in the workplace keeps the mood light and maintains a climate of positive energy. A healthy sense of humor is one of the most effective ways to keep grounded and balanced.

When morale is high, people get along better, they actually want to show up to work and employees are more committed to their goals.  So if you want to fire up the workgroup and boost morale, you really, really can’t be serious!

Look for the simple things you can do on a day to day basis to make a successful, positive, creative and inspiring work environment.

Laughter really is the best medicine, don’t take life too seriously no-one gets out alive!