Audio Visual Systems

intechNT has what you need to update your audio visual systems in your Darwin home. Audio Visual Systems are quickly becoming integral to modern day homes and living and we at intechNT are increasingly finding interest in this service from discerning house builders and their clients.

intechNT can help you have and get the best out of your home audio visual systems!

Audio Visual Systems or separate components can be installed to the individual specifications of the customer or we can guide you through best practices that will satisfy your current requirements and future proof your home entertainment system for developing technologies.

intechNT can assist you with all elements of your Audio Visual system,  including Installation, Repair, Tuning and Service of:

  • Digital TV Antennas Systems and Signal Distribution
  • Digital TV – LCD, Plasma
  • Projectors – (Installation and Tuning)
  • Digital Players & Recorders (VCR, DVD, DVR, PVR)
  • Amplifiers/Receivers and  Speaker Systems
  • Voice and Data Cabling Extenions and Upgrades – Cat3 (Telephone), Coaxial (TV), Cat5 & Cat6 (Data/Computer)
  • Power Protection & Backup

If you’re experiencing problems connecting and configuring your Audio Visual System, don’t delay, contact us today and one of our qualified Technical Specialists will come to your home and get your system working. Located in Yarrawonga, Palmerston (Northern Territory) we are never far away.